Working collaboratively is at the very heart of Squarepoint's success.

Our teams talk to each other, share ideas, and broaden our knowledge together. We also use collaborative technologies that allow us to be efficient and we take decisions collectively, after careful consideration.


Our pragmatic approach means we're realistic and practical about our work. We are commercially minded and remain focused on the work at hand without getting distracted. As a result, we are able to give you the space to question your work and ensure your research is ever evolving.


As a research firm operating in an ever changing market, we recognize the importance of not sitting back. We remain inquisitive to keep abreast of quickly evolving data, information, and industry changes. We look ahead, anticipate new trends and are constantly developing better ideas and solutions to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Flat structure for better collaboration and mentorship

Our flat organizational structure means you'll often see spontaneous huddles, rather than formal meetings. This encourages collaboration and allows us to present a considered view. You will have access to leadership often at the founder level.

The ideas and inspiration come from our highly talented individuals, whose personal initiative and creative flair we reward. But bringing these to fruition is always a collaborative effort across teams and departments.

Invested in each other

Our people are our most important asset, and they are invested in each other's success. We encourage them to share their successes and failures, to learn from them and to support each other.

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