Squarepoint encourages an open and collaborative working culture

Working together means we produce better ideas, enabling us to be innovative and remain agile in our solutions. Learning from each other helps us to grow, both individually and collectively. We respect each other's space and leverage expertise to give us fresh perspectives that inform and enhance our research.

No intellectual constraints

We encourage you to remain intellectually curious. Be open and inquisitive in your research. Think freely and seek answers by speaking to others and being thorough and thoughtful. This freedom comes with responsibility, self-discipline, and trust to go out there and push the boundaries.

Learn and grow

We understand mistakes are inevitable, however we want you to see them as learning opportunities that help you and your team develop and grow. Do your research, talk to your colleagues, let their experiences inform your work. Use their constructive feedback to inspire you, to re-think and re-evaluate your ideas, and to build resilience.

Squarepoint encourages you to be curious and creative. Ask lots of thoughtful questions, don't ignore the unrelated, challenge what at first appears unconnected, explore a bigger purpose and tap into new ideas.

Passionate about the details

Our people are all dedicated to what they do and passionate about the details. We immerse ourselves in our work and make it our responsibility to deliver excellence. Don't be surprised to sometimes hear only the typing of keyboards on our work-floors as it's normal to expect researchers to be engrossed in the work they're doing.

Commercially astute and entrepreneurial, we understand that good decision making must not be rushed. Instead, we review the data and consider the options to come to a collective decision.

Collaborative layout for seamless interaction

Worldwide our offices encourage you to talk to your colleagues and gives you seamless access to senior management, who don't hide away in private offices!

We have designed our floor space to support work with your immediate team and encourage interaction levels with other teams and departments. We're respectful of your personal space and the need to focus (headphones on-or-off), which is why we've created small breakout spaces for people to collaborate openly in front of white boards.

Global service with local knowledge

As a global business, our culture is borderless. That said, we make the most of the local knowledge in each of our physical locations to advise on appropriate investments.

We encourage you to define your own ladder of success and we have democratized learning and teaching among our teams and locations to help you do that.

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